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River Vessel La Marguerite raises the bar in river cruising in the Mekong Delta
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Bai Tho est une jonque traditionnelle, vous auriez des séjours intimes dans votre cabine qui est aussi assez grande pour vous donner le confort

Tourist Sites

Van Don Island Tourist Resort

ocated on Van Don Island in the southeast of Halong Bay.
* Van Don Old Commercial Port: Van Don was the original commercial port of Viet Nam and was built in 1149 in the Ly Dynasty and lasted through the Tran and Le Dynasties. Vestiges of Van Don commercial port have found in the areas around Cong Dong, Cong Hep, Cong Yen, Ngoc Vung, Quan Lan and Minh Chau Islands. These are ancient pots and fragments of ceramics and coins from various dynasties.

* Quan Lan Commune House: located in the center of Quan Lan Island. The commune house commemorates General Tran Khanh Du, a great general, who was successful in the resistance against the Nguyen Mong invaders (13th century) and is worshipped as a Tutelary God of the village. Dieties of the island of ‘Duong Khong Lo’ and ‘Tu vi Thanh Nuong’ are also worshipped. The architecture of Quan Lan commune house is typical of the old and precious architecture of Viet Nam, with a characteristic wooden floor.

* Quan Lan Pagoda: is adjacent to Quan Lan Commune House. It is dedicated to Buddha, Princess Lieu Hanh and Mr. Hau who supported the building of the Pagoda.

* Quan Lan Shrine: includes 3 shrines dedicated to 3 brothers of Pham, King Tran Khanh Du's general, who struggled bravely and sacrificed themselves in the Van Don victory against Nguyen Mong invaders in 1288.

* Van Don marine tourist resort: includes Ngoc Vung, Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Bai Tu Long National Park and Bai Dai. This is a group of islands with beautiful beaches, forests and a marine ecosystem, which has attracted investment from national and international projects.

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